Michigan Ave,

Dearborn, MI 48124

World Famous 

Award Winning

Ground Round

The Best Burger Joint in Town

Dearborn, MI Since 1941

23700 Michigan Ave, Dearborn,MI 48124

World Famous & Award Winning Ground Round

The Best Burger Joint in Town

Dearborn, MI Since 1941

World Famous & Award Winning Ground Round

The Best Burger Joint in Town

23700 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48124

Dearborn, MI Since 1941

World Famous Ground Round Joint Celebrates 75 Years

Dearborn, MI. For three generations, Millers has enjoyed a traditional relationship with Detroiters. The Metro Detroit version of a “Cheers Bar” has flourished on Michigan Avenue due to a well crafted burger, a loyal following and the honesty system that has been in place throughout the decades. This fall the restaurant celebrates seventy five years of tradition, consistency and big juicy burgers.
“Our institution was created when (Uncle) George Miller opened the shot and a beer joint in 1941.” Said owner Dennis Miller. “Later, (Dad) Russ Miller added the iconic food and now my brother Mark and I run the neighborhood bar and grill. And one of us is there at all times.”

The burgers are made fresh daily using Miller’s secret ingredients and they serve several hundred each day.

The simple menu and ambiance has not changed much either over the years and you can feel as though you have stepped back into another era with the 1940s Brunswick bar of undulating high-gloss wood and booths made of supple deep-red leather.

Miller’s Bar in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn is something special with no dinner checks and no plates.
The 7-ounce burger is served on a steamed, white bun and delivered to you on square of wax paper.
Lettuce and tomato are not offered. Swiss or Velveeta are available as are the standard condiments like
ketchup, mustard, pickle, and sliced onion. Ranked by dozens of local and national media as having one
of the best burgers and value in America, the burgers are so great you quickly forget that they are served
to you on a piece of wax pape paper. They do have a few other items like a freshly made tuna fish, grilled cheese, corn beef, ham or grilled chicken sandwiches. And of course you have to try the daily homemade crockof beans, because once they are out, that is it for the day. They have made one special exception on their offerings and serve up fish dinners during the Lenten season.

According to Pure Michigan’s blog post in 2013, “After six days of traveling 1,700 miles and visiting 33 restaurants, “John “Gonzo” Gonzales, of MLIve said, “I found that Michigan’s Best Burger was Miller’s Bar in Dearborn.”


There have been so many burger awards over the years, but the most current include, since 2011-present; Click on Detroit ranked Miller’s in the top 4 for Best Burger (This summer they picked up…), 2016 Hour Magazine, Millers was named best burger joint in Wayne County, GQ’s 2015 listed Millers as the top 20 burgers in the country and then Oprah picked up the list and mentioned Millers on her best burger sho show, The 2015 Detroit’s A list-Ranked Millers #4 for Best Burger , in 2013, Pure Michigan honored Millers with Best Burger in Michigan, The Michigan Journal rated Millers in the top 5 in Michigan in 2015, Food and Wine magazine ranked Millers in the top 25 burgers in the country in 2012, the Wallstreet Journal have mentioned Millers in their best burger articles and even a book called the Hamburger America by George Motz, has a page dedicated to Millers Hamburgers. Somehow the bar and grill even made it into another state burger listing in 2013 as the #2 burger for Arizona!

When Millers made GQ GQ’s list of the best burgers to be found in the United States, Alan Richman
traveled 23,750 miles and consumed more than 150,000 calories while taking the measure of 162 burgers across the country. He said, “I have found you the best damned assemblage of ground beef and buns this country serves up. Millers bar is in that top twenty.”

Russ’s Room Banquet Facility

Have an upcoming event, party, or corporate meeting?
We can accommodate you and your group. Seats up to 50 people

The Miller brothers added a banquet room when they expanded their real estate on the Michigan Avenue strip a few years ago to accommodate the growing request for larger groups. The banquet room holds 50-60 people and has been named Russ’s Room in honor of their Dad. They can now accommodate business meetings, birthday parties, memorial services, rehearsal dinners, reunions and social gatherings for lunch or dinner groups. “We love our customers. Families have grown up in this place and bring back their kids to continue the tradition.” Dennis Miller said, “We are honored to be part of so many families as well as community leaders, celebrities and hard working people of the Detroit area and those who visit us from around the World. ”The bar is open Mon-Sat. 10a.m.-1a.m. and closed Sundays. They take cash only, but have an ATM on site.

For more information 313-565-2577 or visit the web site millers millersbar.com