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We asked for your favorite burgers. You told us!

We picked 25 of the best and listed them in Thursday’s Free Press and on
Now everyone is checki ng them out – online and in person.
A couple of the restaurants we named in our “Metro Detroit’s Top 25 Burgers” story on Thursday
were abuzz that afternoon with customers eager to try out some of the area’s “Best Old-School Burgers” and the “Best Loaded Burgers” on our list.

“It’s been a very busy day. It’s out of the ordinary,” said Dennis Miller, the co-owner of Miller’s Bar
In Dearborn, which was lauded as one of the top places to go for “Best Old School Burgers”.

Bryan Kelm, 29, of Garden City said he’s been a Miller’s cheeseburger fan for nearly a decade.
On Thursday, Kelm final ly convinced his wife to try one. On their table: burgers, fries and onion rings.
Though Miller’s has a reputation for tasty burgers, the bar began as a shot-and-a-beer joint with no food at all. “My uncle started the bar, and my dad took it over after ( World War II) and added the food,” said Miller, who runs the bar with his brother, Mark.

Using the same name, the same recipes and the same meat supplier that their dad did,
the Miller’s brothers are continuing a delicious tradition that keeps customers lining up.
“Friends, neighbors – everyone comes to Miller’s,” said George Blass, 71, of Detroit.
For 30 years, Blass has taken a seat at the bar and ordered the burgers that he calls “the best around.”


After getting married last weekend we made sure to meet out of town guests at Millers the following
morning. It is the only bu rger my bride will have and it perfectly capped a great weekend.
– TimJ_in_Dearborn II

‘Im off for a nice long walk. Just looking at those pictures made me gain 10 pounds, I swear ….
but who cares! – I live wi thin a mile of Miller’s, and I just get a hankerin’ for those burgers which can’t be denied. An awesome burger for the blue-collar crowd.
– wingscup30

Sylvia Rector / Detroit Free Press